Seeking free and independent financial advice

Several organisations offer free and independent financial advice. Their counsellors can enable you to assess your financial problems and advise you as to the best way forward.

Should you be worried about directly approaching your lender, there are debt advice agencies that can help you. Mortgage lenders are willing to work with these agencies that are acting on your behalf.

Debt advisers can also tell you about the government schemes to help homeowners and help you apply for them.

Check all options and help available to you

Should you be become unemployed, or have an accident or you become too sick to work, you can check if you have a mortgage payment protection policy. This kind of insurance is normally taken out when you get your mortgage and, should you have an eligible claim, your mortgage repayments can be paid for 12 months or more.

State benefits and schemes to assist homeowners who are in financial difficulties have been strengthened. It could be useful to you to seek advice on whether or not you are eligible for any of the schemes or below.