Doncaster repossession figures causing concern

Wed, 04 Jul 2012

High figures in Doncaster represent a real cause for concern, it has been claimed.

Ed Miliband, the Labour Party leader and MP for Doncaster North, described the findings - which ranked the area as the worst performing borough in Yorkshire - as alarming, the Star reports.

His comments came in response to a new study from homelessness charity Shelter, which also found the region is rated 17th in a national table thanks to its 5.7 possession claims per every 1,000 homes.

Mr Miliband stated: "More and more people in Doncaster are facing the threat of losing their homes as a result of an out of touch government putting the wrong people first."

He observed that while prime minister David Cameron - the Conservative MP for Witney - has served to deliver a recession from Downing Street, the UK is in need of an economy that combats the threat of by working more for the general public.

Other parts of Yorkshire to rank poorly in the chart included Rotherham and Barnsley, which registered 4.96 and 5.14 possession claims per 1,000 dwellings respectively.

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