Isle of Wight has low repossession risk

Tue, 03 Jul 2012

The threat of on the Isle of Wight is lower than in many other areas of England.

This is according to new research from homeless and housing charity Shelter, which highlighted the island as one of the lowest risk regions for such action in the country, the Isle of Wight County Press reports.

It was demonstrated that the area had just 2.56 per cent of possession claims per 1,000 homes in 2011/2012 - markedly lower than the highest at-risk location Barking and Dagenham, which stood at 8.44 per cent.

The figures meant the Isle of Wight fell into the fourth-highest category for hotspots and stood at 212 out of 324 local authorities in England regarding claims per 1,000 dwellings.

Campbell Robb, chief executive at Shelter, noted many people tend to think having their home taken into possession is a course of action that happens to others and never to them.

He added: "But rising unemployment, high living costs and even higher house prices mean many people are living close to the edge already and risk falling into a spiral of debt and repossession ."

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